Website maintenance

Website maintenance

At Kabi, we offer to all our clients website maintenance in addition to website hosting. Website maintenance means regular monitoring of the website's performance and in the event of problems, troubleshooting. Regular website maintenance is a prerequisite for good long-term website performance, as it affects website health, traffic, SEO optimization an security.

Why is website maintenance important?

At first glance, maintaining a website may not be the first thuink you think about. But website maintenance is as important as maintaining your health. Regular check-ups can prevent the worst from happening. It's the same with websites. Regular maitenance gives you peace of mind. In addition, regular site maintenance also helps to ensure security, which is always more important. In this fast-paced world of web development, websites are increasingly prone to vulnerabilities, which can be prevented by regular website maintenance.

Maintaining your website and online shop also means that all your requests and problems are treated as a priority!

Web shop maintenance

In addition to web shop development, we offer our customers professional and quality web shop maintenance. Web shop maintenance means regular monitoring of web shop performance and in the event of problems, fixing them. Web shop maintenance can be divided into several segments, namely:

  • System security
  • System speed
  • Upgrading system functionality
  • Assistance in case of problems with third-party systems e.g.: ERP systems, accounting systems, payment portals, etc.

Web shop security

System security is one of the top priorities when maintaining a web shop or website. At Kabi, we place great emphasis on security. All our clients who have a maintenance service receive regular security updates.

Web shop speed

The speed of your web shop is one of the most important elements that has a major impact on the user experience, SEO optimization and your web shop's ranking on search engines. With the ever-increasing amount of data, it is necessary to constantly optimize the speed of your web shop and website.