E-mailer is the most effective tool for e-mail marketing

User-friendly and effective tool for e-makreting and newsletter

E-Mailer is an application for easy, fast and effective communication with potential and existing customers about news, events, new products and services. E-mailer can be used individually, in connection with other systems and applications (ERP, Google analytics, etc.) or with other Kabi Cloud applications and solutions ( CMS, CRM, HRM, Agent1, Surveys, Web shop, ...) in signle administration (backend system). 

E-mailer enables to: E-poštar omogoča, da enostavno:

  • comprehensively manage your customer base by groups,
  • send an indiviual message or the content from your website,
  • sending messages repeatedly or you customised them inbetween​,
  • choose from various e-mail templates,
  • manage the full range of transmission and marketing campaigns​,
  • create a text-image content,
  • overview the response of recipients through advanced statistics.

E-Mailer enables to import and export contacts and automated requests of visitors, which have signed in from the web form (or newsletter) on the website.

Advanced E-mailer enables to:

  • print serial letters and
  • send SMS.

Email marketing is easy, fast and affordable way to inform potential customers about the new offer or services and it indirectly boosts the sale. You just make your own customer database, we just offer you the effectie, simple and afordable tool for e-mail marketing.

What application E-Mailer contains and enables you to:


  • to build a customer database and segment individual contact based on various criteria
  • to import contacts from Excel, XML or via WS
  • to connect your conntacts with your ERP system
  • import contacts from several different forms from the website

Personalized e-mails

  • e-mails can be personilised, with the help of the data from the contact (name, surname, title, gender, birthday, ...), which increases the efficiency
  • automatically send a birthday greeting card, if the date is added to individual contact

Target marketing, customer segmentation

  • contacts can be grouped into categories according differenet criteria or adfreme for each campaign
  • the number of different categories is unlimited
  • each contact can be placed in multiple categories at the same time

Sending e-mail messages to

  • e-mail addresses, which are not in the database
  • to selected e.mail addresses in the database
  • or to a selected group or mailing list

The number of e-mail addresses to which the message is send at the same time, can be several hundred thousand.

E-mail design and content

  • In the form of messages, you can choose between predefined templates, or create your own individual message.
  • The contents of messages can be automatically imported from the content of the website: news, web shop products, real estate listings, ...  and thus you shorten the process of sending message or
  • Enter the unique content, in the HTML editor in order to create the desired message.

Statistics of sent messages

  • On how many addresses you send a single message.
  • How many people saw your message.
  • How many users clicked on your message.
  • Which links where clicked the most by the recipients..
  • How many recipients unsubscribed from the e-mail.
  • Integrate statistics with Google Analytics.

Comparison of two advertising campaigns

With comparison of two advertising campaigns, we can identify the more successful campaign.

E-mailer connectivity witth other apps

  • CMS (web page)
    You can easily fill e-mail with content form the web page: news, events, etc.
  • Web shop
    You can easily fill e-mail with products form web shop, in addition to other content on the web page: news, events, etc.
  • MYRE- CRM system for real estate agencies
    You can easily fill e-mail with real estate ads from the CRM system 
  • HRM
    You can use E-mailer in combintation with HRM app
  • Help desk
    You can define automatic auto-replys

Data exchange with your IT System

If you already use any IT System e.g. CMS, ERP, CRM, in which you colletct user data, the system can be connected with E-Mailer by XML, WS, API, ...


E-Mailer plus


  • letters printing
  • SMS messages