Website development


Website is one of the easiest way to acquire customers. In addition, web pages represent a strong marketing tool, with a huge potential. Website has to be in complete harmony with the brand, which it represents. In Kabi we design and develop modern and effective web pages, with strong message, user-friendly and SEO optimized for search engines. All our websites have responsive design, which means, that web page is mobile/ table friendly

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If ...

  • if you don't have a website,
  • if you have website, but you cannot edit it yourself,
  • if you have website, but you don't like the designs and its features
  • if you have website, which you like, but it has no visitors,
  • if you want to have unique website,
  • if you want to have website or
  • if you want to have web store or
  • if you want to have real estate website.


... then you came on THE right place

Since 1994 we design and develop advanced websites. Through the years we made a lot of projects of different sizes and difficulties. Our websites are connected with our all-in-one business operating system and with ERP solutions. All our websites can be managed with our CMS (Content Management System), which enables you complete management over the content of your website.

Our CMS system - Bananadmin, is adapted to a wide range of users, which means it is user-friendly! You don't need any programming, advanced IT or design skills, to mange your website via our CMS. There is more than 1000 clients, which use our CMS.

Besides web page design and development, we take care of hosting of your website on our own servers all over Europe and we are also the official domain registrar.