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Doing business since 1994

Since 1994, we develop effective web pages, web shops and web solutions. In the meantime, we have grown our business and we expand in various fields. The result of expansion is our all-in-one operating business system named KabiCloud, which consists of various applications - CRM, HRM, E-Mailer MyRE, Web shop, etc. In addition, we offer our clients digital marketing services and mainteinance/ purchase of software and hardware equipment.

Company Kabi consists of well organizes and highly skilled team of web designer, developers, IT experts and marketers, which are the perfect combination to successfully create and manage highly demanding projects.




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All-in-one operating business system

We offer you complete services, which will help you operate your entire business. Because we are well aware of user experience, our solutions are effective, user-friendly and in one place!

Our philosophy and company culture is the constant growth, which we are able to reach with development of our inhouse solutions. Therefore we develop our own platform/system named BananaCloud. With BananaCloud, we can do anything and we are not limited to outside solutions. We cooperate with many recognized international and domestic companies.



We develop modern and effective websites, easy to use and search engine optimized, to secure high Google ranking. In addition, responsive design is already included in the website.

Web store

We develop modern and effective web stores, for any type of ecommerce. Over the years, we have developed various web stores in Slovenia and Europe. We understand our clients needs and we have prepared suitable solutions, for different types of projects.


Kabi CRM is the perfect solution for complete management of your clients, client data and marketing activities, in your company. With Kabi CRM be prepared to increase your sells and close more delas faster then ever before.


MyRE is effective CRM system for real estate agencies and real estate brokers. MyRe CRM provides information you need in a way you can use it. Do not miss any potential opportunity and be prepared to increase sells and close more deals faster.


HRM is an effective tool to mange your human resources, within your company. HRM enables you to easily mange candidates, which apply on your open job position (you can easily compare candidates), employees absence, 360, annual interviews, company evaluation, ...


E-Mailer is an effective e-marketing and newsletter tool. It enables you faster and more effective informing of your sales, events, new products, solutions, etc. E-Mailer gives you indepth insight of success of your e-marketing campaing.


Surveys is the application, which enables you create custom surveys. Application monitors results and gethers it in Statistics, which will ease your survey analysis.

Cyber Security Solutions

We offer you high quality Cyber Security Solutions. Since 1993 we cooperate with one of the most successful companies in this area F-Secure and we are the only company in Slovenia, which has a status of F-Secure Gold Partner.

Latest news

We have successfully implemented new payment system - Braintree

We have successfully implemented new payment system - Braintree

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Uspešno implementiranim plačilnim sistemom smo dodali novega - Braintree, ki je trenutno eden izmed bolj naprednih tovrstnih sistemov.

Create custom newsletters

Create custom newsletters

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Ste naveličani predpripravljenih e-mail šablon? 

Build powerful online forms and surveys with Kabi forms

Build powerful online forms and surveys with Kabi forms

Thursday, 10 August 2017

We developed an application, which enables you to create powerful online forms and surveys - Kabi Forms.


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