CMS Bananadmin

About Bananadmin CMS

CMS (Content management system) is a system, which enables you to edit the content onyour website. Users can manage fast and simple texts, pictures, files, menus, etc., without any advanced computer knowledge. It also enables adding URL connetions, sending newsletters, etc., where you do not have to take care about the design, because it is already defined.

Bananadmin varies from other CMS interfaces by it's exceptional user-friendliness, all time support, professional staff, which ensures smooth operation and ongoing development of the CMS.

How does it look?

With Bananadmin CMS you can independently edit the following:

  • managing users and their access
  • menu and submenu editing
  • content management
  • managing with different modules:
    • photo gallery (automatic size adjustment, cropping option)
    • flash - PDF catalogue
    • video content
    • E-mailer
    • contacts / group of contacts
    • statistics
    • product catalog - order
    • Google maps
    • locked content (access restricted by password)
    • evaluation