HRM app enables efficient management of human resources in your company. It is suitable for all companies, who want transparency in their operations. HRM app enables you to manage:

  • Job applications
  • Absences
  • Measuring sentiment in the company
  • 360
  • Annual interviews with employees

Jobs - Tenders

Jobs - Tenders is a module in HRM app, which enables to collect job applications from the form on your website. Module enables:

  • Simple comparison of candidates (facilitates job calls, where there is a few houndreds of job applications)
  • Facilitates sending candidates to the next round, interviews, ... in any case scenario, candidate recieves a personalised e-mail with appropriet content.


The module Absences enables managing absences of your employees. There can be various types of absences: holidays, sick leave, ... Upon entering the date of absence, a notification is sent to the referral authority, which then approves or rejects the request for the absence.