Web store development

Web store

Kabi develops effective web stores, which are tailored by the industry, for more than 20 years. With years of experience, we create web shops, which are custom-made for every client and serach engine optimized, to reach high Google ranking. Our web stores are mobile friendly, which helps you target all the buyers from mobile devices.

Besides web store, you get your own web store administration, where you can edit products, products gropus, discounts, coupons, supplys, shippments, type of payments, product features, orders, etc. Your web store can be fully or partly integrated with your ERP system.

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eCommerce ERP Integration

Many web stores use ERP systems. We have made many web stores, which are integrated with different ERP systems, therefore we can do the following:

  • Import products and product groups/ categories from ERP
  • Exchange data for orders and clients between web store and ERP
  • Stock checking - live from ERP
  • Distribution of stock by different business units
  • Other data synchronization - custom for individual client 

Integration of your eCommerce and ERP system saves you time and expenses, because almost all the processes are made automatically

Data import from ERP to eCommerce is usually made once per day, but it can be tailored for individual client (hourly, daily, live, etc.)

Online payment methods and systems: Credit cards, Paypal

We integrate a payment system in your web store. Together we select a paymenet system, which is the most suitable for your business. Currently we have made integration with the following payment systems:

  • Bankart,
  • NestPay (Activa),
  • Six payments 
  • Sofort (popular in Germany and Austria)
  • Paypal
  • Braintree

Check out, if your bank offers one of the above systems. If not, do not worry, we can implement any payment system and integrated it with your eCommerce.

We also recommend you to use PayPal payment system.

Information alerts and delivery services

Inform your client about their order status and increase their user experience on your web store. For selected delivery services, we enable you to send automatic alerts for different order statuses, e.g.:

  • when the package is sent
  • when the package was not picked up on the delivery address and when it gets back on the post office.