Real estate agencies cooperation

MLSReal estate agencies cooperation (MLS – Multi listing service). Real estate agencies cooperate in MLS community, to easily promote their sales and find suitable offer for their clients. Via MLS real estate agencies exchange their listings, but only the ones, which they want to share. Via MLS real estate agencies, can find suitable delas quicker and their real estate portfolio becomes bigger.

The purpose of MLS is to reduce costs and accelerate making business. It is demanded, that included real estate brokers cooperate within MLS by ethical standards and applicable legislation. MLS increases recognisability and trust of people in real estate agencies.

The advantage of MLS community is to reduce time to find important infrormation, which reflects in faster deal realization. No matter of your location, you can connect with partners from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, which are already in MLS community.

All listings, which are shared into MLS, are visiable to all MLS partners. On every MLS real estate, there are besides basic real estate data also contact information of real estate broker responsible for real estate. In MLS community, there is no listings of individual persons, because the purpose of the community is to increase cooperation between real estate agencies.

Included services

Real Estate web page

Real Estate web page

Besides MyRE we develop you top class web page, which will build up your brand and recognition. Kabi real estate web pages are sales-oriented, which will result in higher number of potential clients/ leads and successful deals. Web page already has a responsive design and is conpletly managable via Kabi CMS.

Listings export

Listings export

MyRE enables you to export your listings to the biggest Slovenian real estate portals and and their partner portals. 

Hosting and support

Hosting and support

Our cooperation does not and witch web page activation and MyRE CRM implementation. We offer you training sessions and support, via email, telephone, Skype and in person. Naše sodelovanje se ne konča z aktiviranjem spletne strani in programa Agent1. Don't worry about hosting, we take care of web page and MyRE CRM hosting in our own servers in secure location. You database is regulary archieved in strictly secure data center. 


We develop modern and effective websites, easy to use and search engine optimized, to secure high Google ranking. In addition, responsive design is already included in the website.

Web shop

We develop modern and effective web shopes, for any type of e-commerce. Over the years, we have developed various web shopes in Slovenia and Europe. We understand our clients needs and we have prepared suitable solutions, for different types of projects.


Kabi CRM is the perfect solution for complete management of your clients, client data and marketing activities, in your company. With Kabi CRM be prepared to increase your sells and close more delas faster then ever before.


MyRE is effective CRM system for real estate agencies and real estate brokers. MyRe CRM provides information you need in a way you can use it. Do not miss any potential opportunity and be prepared to increase sells and close more deals faster.


HRM is an effective tool to mange your human resources, within your company. HRM enables you to easily mange candidates, which apply on your open job position (you can easily compare candidates), employees absence, 360, annual interviews, company evaluation, ...


E-Mailer is an effective e-marketing and newsletter tool. It enables you faster and more effective informing of your sales, events, new products, solutions, etc. E-Mailer gives you indepth insight of success of your e-marketing campaing.

What do our customers say about us

As an HRM company we need a strong business partner. Luckily enough we found Kabi right after establishing our company back in 1989 and have been cooperating with them ever since. Not only do they provide basic IT service, they proved themselves as a valuable asset even in business development. They are eager to provide their IT know-how when we are developing new products or adjusting existing methodology to meet specific needs and expectations of our clients.

Since I am no »IT geek« myself, I just explain them the basic concept and logic behind the product, then I wait for the magic to happen. Every time they come up with advanced and useful solutions that I never thought were even possible. Their IT-magic is the reason why I call them “The wizard of Kabi” and can recommend them as a reliable business partner to everyone.

Helena Kupljen, Profil Group

As a well-established family company for deli food we were looking for a strong partner to create a comfortable website experience for our high-minded customers. Kabi understood our needs very well and together we created one of the best E-Commerce shops in Austria for food & wine. Something to bring out is that the support from Kabi works very well. I got answers to my questions always in time and well explained. Also the administration for our website is easy to understand and enables effective working in our company. Well done!

Patrick Weltin, Sussitz

Vrhunsko podjetje, zanesljivo, učinkovito, katero ne glede na problematiko in predstavljeno zahtevnost najde vedno odlično rešitev . Priporočamo !!!

Denis, Vila Portorož

Podjetje KABI je zelo zanimivo podjetje, ki ji v dobi številnih zastonjskih portalskih tehnologij uspeva ohranjati in razvijati svoj lasten pristop k izdelavi portalov. Uporaba njihovega portala z vidika skrbnika portala je intuitivna in primerna za povprečno podkovanega uporabnika. Z vidika uporabe so njihovi portali dinamični, odzivni in moderni. Podpora s strani KABI za primere nadgradnje ali pomoči pri vnašanju vsebin je hitra in učinkovita. Nemalokrat so nam pri podpori za naš portal siBIM priskočili na pomoč tudi čez vikend.

Dr. Andrej Tibaut, SiBIM